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In today’s world, everyone feels the need to stand out and differentiate themselves in order to grab attention. This article is not intended to simply add another voice to the noise, but to let you know as simply as possible what we are all about.

We know that our approach is the only way for your accountant to give your business something uniquely valuable, which is why we will always stay true to our philosophy.

Everyone thinks they’re different, whereas we exist to make a difference.

The Four Corners

There are four fundamental elements to our approach, and perhaps unsurprisingly they are known as the Four Corners that form the foundation of everything we do.

Like all foundations, each part is vital and we couldn’t give you the unrivalled insight you deserve without all of them. This is why we have total commitment to this philosophy at all times.

But what does it mean in practice?

Bespoke Solution

A bespoke suit measurement. Just like a bespoke suit, we tailor everything we do to fit you perfectly.

We build everything from the bottom up to make sure that it fits your requirements perfectly. From the contents of our service packages, to the measures in our reports, to the format of our communication – everything is designed around your specific needs and preferences.

We know that everyone has their own motivation for their business, their own set of values, and their own definition of success. Gone are the days when the profit motive is the all-conquering imperative. Good financial management and efficient use of your resources is still crucial – naturally – but it is a means to an end rather than the goal in itself.

Healthy business finances allow you to achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve in your business – and with our bespoke approach we ensure that you get the balance just right. Prioritising elements of financial management alongside your specific non-financial goals means you have everything you need to succeed in every sense of the word.

By being true to our belief that one size does not fit all, we make sure that everything we do is relevant for you. This means zero waste – no reporting or measures that you don’t need distracting your attention. It is as effective, efficient, and usable as it could possibly be – freeing up the maximum amount of your time to focus on the running of the business.

Forward Looking

A road stretching to the horizon - we help you look forward to know what's coming.

This may sound obvious, but in fact most people still focus most of their attention on the past. Looking at your latest set of accounts, or tax returns, or VAT submissions will only tell you about the period that has long since closed.

We like to think of this as your rear-view mirror. Of course it’s important to glance in the mirror often to make sure you know what is going on and everything is safe, but you wouldn’t drive using just that mirror. In fact, the focus of your attention is out the front, looking at the road ahead, as it should be.

Only by keeping your head up and focused on the horizon can you expect to stay ahead of the game, to make good decisions, and to have peace of mind.

Cutting edge forecasting is one element of this, but it goes much further. Even the historical data in your business can reveal hidden trends and future consequences if you look closely enough, and we look closely. We cleverly combine data of all types from all over your business to reveal unrivalled insights about the future. This means we can tell you what is around the corner, not what you have just driven past.

Creative Approach

Light bulb moment - we use our creativity to see things that other's don't

Not normally a word associated with accountants – at least not in a good way – but we are proud of our creative approach and the benefits it brings you.

Ultimately this is what underpins our unique Little Big Data® process, but it is a way of thinking that lends itself to businesses of all sizes. We take in data from all areas and we see trends and points of interest that others don’t. We see emerging risks early enough to deal with, we see potential opportunities before your competition, and we see points of real interest that can spark inspiration for you in how you want to run your business.

We are creative not just in the data we use, the analysis we run, and the measures we look at, but also in the way that we present that back to you. Everything we find through our creative analysis is displayed in easy-to-digest formats built around your own preferred style. Being able to actually use the findings is very important to us, so we put as much effort in to this as everything else.

Fully Connected

A chain of connections. We connect data to insight to you

Connected is a word that describes a lot of what we are about.

Our success comes from connecting seemingly disparate data types in innovative ways to reveal trends, insights, and opportunities.

Just as important, though, is our connection to you. We are not a distant accountant who simply provides you with a report every now and then. We are a trusted partner and a sounding board with over 20 years’ experience to help with all of your difficult decisions.

We are obsessive about your understanding – about connecting you to the results in a way that you will deeply appreciate. After all, all of our unique qualities and unrivalled insight count for nothing if we are the only ones who understand the results.

It is important to us that you are able to act on the findings and for them to make a real difference to your business. It’s about teaching you to fish, rather than giving you a fish.

Ultimately, we connect raw data to insight to actions to results – and that is what will give you the edge.

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Article by Ian Corner

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