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With the current unprecedented environment that we are facing, it is increasingly clear that businesses and individuals will struggle. While health concerns will always be the top priority, there are certain actions you can take to try to protect you and your business economically at the same time.

These notes are intended for any business – but in particular those that face a very significant fall in sales as a result of extended periods of isolation and quarantine. For those worst affected, the aim has to be to get your business on to a “hibernation” footing as soon as you can – to ensure its survival through a significant period of ultra-low activity.

These notes reflect a combination of the latest published government support, examples of initiatives from other businesses, and my current thinking on ways you can mitigate the impacts. There are also documents on the importance of a plan right now, and suggested approaches for how you can develop one quickly. As with everything at the moment, it is a highly fluid situation and I will look to update the relevant parts as and when the guidance, advice, or best practice changes.

Any comments, questions, suggestions, amendments are always welcome ( as this is an exercise in developing and sharing best practice as we go.

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Find the latest versions of the factsheets here:

Coronavirus Support Summary Coronavirus Support Summary
Planning - An Overall Approach Planning - An Overall Approach
Planning - A step-by-step guide Planning - A step-by-step guide

Article by Ian Corner

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  1. Mann y March 25, 2020 Reply

    Ian Corner, Thank you so much for your help over the past few days, helping to clarify the COVID-19 government grants. You really go the extra mile to help. Much appreciated,


    • Ian Corner March 26, 2020 Reply

      Thank you very much Manny – I hope it helps you through this difficult time in some way,


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