A Finance Director In Your Corner

Playbook | Plan | Fund | Deliver

The power of an experienced finance director.

The insight of Little Big Data®.

The rigour of a Chartered Accountant.

What We Do

A Finance Director...

  • Forecasting underlying demand, profit & cashflow
  • Getting you ready for funding
  • Uncovering opportunities & anticipating risks
  • Showing you where & when to invest
  • Preparing you through scenario planning
  • Monitoring performance with smart reporting
  • Improving your financial fitness
  • Developing your finance function
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...In Your Corner

  • By your side as an experienced sounding board
  • As committed to your business as you are
  • Constantly seeking business improvements

We help you:

  • Understand your business from every angle
  • See problems early
  • Make smart decisions quickly
  • Have information at your fingertips when you need it
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How We Do It


Using our unique Little Big Data® framework, we analyse everything. A comprehensive review of opportunities, risks, pricing, trends, and financial fitness - so you get a complete set of areas to focus on.


We turn your Playbook in to a sophisticated plan, underpinned by a smart forecast and prioritised actions. As a result, you get clarity, direction, and control of your cashflow. A brilliant plan means better decisions.


Everything you need to fund your future. We maximise your 'internal funding' before developing a compelling plan for external funding ahead of the requirement.


Leave nothing to chance. Capitalise on your Plan and Funding with the ongoing monitoring, motivation and support of an experienced Finance Director by your side.

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